GBR Day 1

It’s 5:15 PM and the first day of GBR is underway.  Just got back from the Roop County Cowboy Shooter’s range where they’re holding a major shoot this weekend, but were more than kind enough to let us step in and shoot some of their guns and ammo.  I got to whack some 400 yard steel with a very heavy-barreled Remington rolling block in .45-70, and some closer steel with a lever gun chambered in .50-100-450.  They even let me play with my 16″ stainless Rossi 92 chambered in .45LC.  But any day where someone lets you shoot their guns with their ammo is a good day in my book.

Bill from Daily Pundit got in the first post of the day from the site.

Now I need a shower and back down to the Hospitality room!  Don’t you wish you were here?

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