Out With the Old, In With the … Older! (Pt. II)

So, back in 2005 I suspended my search for a Smith & Wesson Model 25-5 Lew Horton special N-frame 5″ barreled .45 Colt and instead purchased a 4″ Model 25-13 Mountain Gun in that caliber.  Then, early the following year I bought a Winchester ’94 rifle in the same caliber.  Early this year, I traded my ’94 for a smaller, handier Rossi ’92 – again in .45 Colt.

Today I went to see my favorite Merchant O’Death, and he said, “Kevin, you like Smith & Wesson revolvers! Wanna see something interesting?”

It’s not a Lew Horton, but it is a custom Model 25-7, 5″ .45 Colt. No stupid lock, heavy barrel, unfluted cylinder, firing pin on the hammer. Looks like this:

(click for full size)
Now I need to get it to the range to see how it shoots.  It weighs about 5 oz. more than the Mountain Gun and a lot of that is in the barrel, so hopefully it’ll be a bit less brisk with the 285 grain cast load I shoot in that caliber.

It belonged to the guy who owns the gun shop I bought it from, so I’m expecting good things.

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