Quote of the Day – .Gov Shutdown Edition

From a comment at Instapundit:

All this havoc wreaked through the Park Service. Consider that for a moment. The National Park Service has managed to barricade scenic vistas in North Dakota, piss off World War 2 vets in DC, and keep small children from getting home to their parents after school in Tennessee. And it’s just the Park Service! Imagine if the federal government were as omnipresent and powerful as the left wishes it were. “Sorry; we’d love for you to have your kidney transplant, but the government is shut down. All because you pesky citizens wouldn’t behave!”

But holy crap, it’s the Park Service! The absurdity is stupefying. Just the thought of using something as innocuous as the PARK SERVICE to cause so much damage–all for the sake of causing damage and pissing people off–confounds the mind. It’s like a confederacy of clowns on tricycles, swarming over the nation, wreaking havoc with balloon animals and confetti–because those are the only tools at their disposal.

But, in any case, Obama’s intended lesson was meant to be, “See how awful life is without your Federal Family?” But the lesson learned–I hope–is, “See how awful your Federal Family can make your life if you tick it off?” We’re not seeing the absence of government; we’re seeing an excess of bad government.

But only if you go online and look for it.

My brother posted this picture on Facebook a day or so ago. Pretty much says it all:

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