People Policing the City on Their Own

A few days ago, I blogged about a bystander attempting a citizen’s arrest on two armed robbers as they exited the convenience store they’d just stuck up.  The robbers pointed their guns at the citizen, and he killed both of them.

The families of the perpetrators were outraged“So how about if people start policing the city on their own?” one asked.

Well, you could get this:

Small Georgia Town Forms Posse, Corners Armed Robbery Suspect

Criminals take note; You’re taking a chance if you try to ply your trade in the Dodge County town of Rhine. Local law enforcement is praising townspeople for some de facto community policing, after tracking down and helping catch an armed robbery suspect.

For 60-year-old Ken Lowery the commotion began around 2:30 Thursday afternoon as he stepped inside Aden’s convenience store and encountered the store clerk in distress.

“The lady screamed at me and said ‘I’ve been robbed, he’s got a gun, and I gave him all the money,'” Lowery recalled.

Lowery says he saw the suspected gunman, identified as 24-year-old Damien Durham of Wilcox County, walking down the street making a nonchalant getaway. Witnesses say it was a bizarre sight, but what happened next was even more unbelievable.

“People just kept coming around and they were mad, people in Rhine were mad,” Lowery said. “Here we had an armed robbery in the middle of the day at Aden’s and they wanted to form a posse.”

Lowery says more than 20 people, many of them armed, spread out looking for the gunman, in trucks and on foot.

“We didn’t have no leader of it all, we just went all our separate ways and the people in Rhine they knew they were going to get that rascal,” Lowery said.

And they did. He’s in jail.

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