An Obamacare Photo-essay

While you’re waiting, here’s a short photo-essay I started a while ago, and never posted. Part of Instapundit‘s “peeling an onion of fail” meme:

Political Promises photo Political_promises.jpg

 photo perfect-disguise-100.jpg

 photo suppository.jpg

 photo Obamacare_Ramirez.jpg

 photo big-hole.gif

Cluebat photo cluebat.jpg

 photo government-1.jpg

 photo thestupiditburns.jpg

 photo cadeuceus2.jpg

 photo UnexpectedlyObamaMotto.jpg

 photo Obamacare-1.jpg

 photo obamahearse.jpg

 photo peggy.jpg

 photo 5359_389192574530618_1648073679_n.png

 photo obamawait_thumb.gif

Feel free to link to anything you think I should add in the comments.  I’ll see what I can do.  Must be a graphic.

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