Happy Freakin’ New Year – Bumped

I’m going to keep this at the top of the page for awhile.  Scroll down for any new content.

Reader (and prolific commenter) Grumpy Old Fart left this comment on the latest Moment of Zen post on Christmas day.  I am remiss in not seeing it earlier:

On December 1st, my mother’s house burned to the ground, with all my worldly goods in it (I had been living there for the last several years taking care of her while she was fighting cancer). On December 8th, a week later almost to the minute, she passed away at the age of 82.
Thanks, I have been badly needing a moment of Zen.

I think he may be badly needing some other stuff, too.

Let us know, GOF.  We’re here for you.

UPDATE:  There’s a Facebook page and a link to a donations page.  GOF, set yourself up a PayPal account, and I’ll link to it, too.  And get me a ship-to address.

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