But She’s Not Done Anything Wrong!

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So apparently today Lois Lerner appeared again before the House Oversight Committee and, again, pleaded the 5th Amendment against self-incrimination, and her lawyer says she fears for her life if she testifies.

Fears for her life? Fears whom? And if she gets immunity, will she still be in fear for her life?

How not?

You know, I’ve been reading David Horowitz’s autobiographical Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey, and I’m a bit over halfway through it. One of the key things I’ve noted so far is that what disenchanted David was the murder of an acquaintance by a group he thought of as “part of The Struggle™” – that is, the Black Panthers. And as he moves along after being shocked out of his complacency, he notices more and more that a characteristic of the Far Left is their willingness to not only ostracize, but literally kill people they think of as “traitors.”  He fears it himself – enough to buy a .38 revolver for self-protection.

A second key thing I’ve noted so far is the ubiquity in the 60’s of really radical people going into government bureaucracies, either as employees or elected officials.

The IRS scandal has the hallmarks of the Far Left – targeting of perceived right-wing groups, lack of concern over such targeting being discovered, coverup, obfuscation and passionate declarations of innocence.

I have to wonder how high up in the bureaucracy the True Believers go. And how far down.

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