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Another one from Quora, in response to the question Do most British people not want to have the ability to purchase firearms?

I used to be anti-gun, until the London riots where control of the streets London was lost completely for a week. Around that point the trivial stupidity of passing a law to prevent criminals using guns became apparent to me. “Criminal” means “non-obeyor of law” right? Instead, I realised that the police really can’t protect me from criminals. It’s my duty to protect myself and those I love.

At that point, I first moved out of London. This week, I’m leaving the country.

A number of straw men turn up above. The right to own guns in the home isn’t the same as the right to bring them to the pub. There is no reason why gun ownership shouldn’t be limited to those with NO convictions (including driving offences).

Two final points:
1. disarming the law-abiding increases the value of a gun to a criminal.

2. giving a woman a gun is better defence against rape than any propaganda. The “rape culture” can’t last if you Mom/wife/sister/daughter can defend herself.

— Anonymous

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