Titusville, Florida is where I grew up.  My family moved there in 1966 when I was four, and we left in 1974 when I was 12, so if I’m asked, that’s “where I’m from.”  My father worked for IBM’s Federal Systems Division as a quality engineer for the Saturn V Instrument Unit, the guidance system of the rocket.  We didn’t see dad a lot during those eight years.  After the last Saturn V launch put Skylab in orbit IBM no longer had a contract, and Dad had to transfer back to the division that made commercial products – this time the first of the grocery store laser scanner cash register systems.  We relocated to North Carolina.

Titusville was a great place to grow up during that period, but since the manned space program has been shut down, it’s fallen on pretty hard times, apparently.  I haven’t been there since my wife and I honeymooned in Florida in 1995.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn there the evening of August 3 when Hurricane Erin came ashore just a few miles South of the hotel. 

Good times.

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