This is Why I don’t do Überposts Anymore

Others do it so I don’t have to.   The blog Watchdogs of our Freedom does one I would be proud to have written:  Detroit Shoots Back:  How the Motor City Took Back its Streets and Outdrew the Left. With such bon mots as:

In Godbee’s defense, his obtuseness is endemic to the entire species of new-wave police commissioners and chiefs, who, unlike cops on the beat, tend to be political appointees who rose to prominence by osculating the establishment’s fundament.


Meaning no disrespect whatever to Mrs. Moorer, whose candor is refreshing, but a team player would have insisted that her son was Christmas Caroling and produced a photo of him at around age 7, hugging Santa. Some people just can’t get with the program.


While leftist “experts” explained on CNN and MSNBC that Craig’s advocacy of widespread gun ownership would do nothing to curtail crime, robbery fell 37% in Detroit while businesses reported 22% fewer break-ins, and the city recorded a 30% drop in carjackings. Police also report that nonfatal shootings, aggravated assaults, and sexual assaults were all markedly reduced.

Go, read. Worth your time.

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