Layers of Editorial Oversight…

Via reader (and heroic comment-recoverer) John Hardin comes another example of how accurate the media is when reporting on StuffTheyKnowNothingAbout™ – in this case, guns:

Layers of Editorial Oversight photo Airsoft_MampP.jpg
Well, THAT one is “primarily plastic” because it’s an Airsoft TOY.  My M&P9 has a completely steel slide and barrel, as does every other M&P model I’m aware of.

This is from a CNN story, The U.S. Army is seeking a new gun. Some excerpts:

The Beretta M9, used by the U.S. Army since 1985, is manufactured by a 500-year-old Italian company, which has a factory in Maryland. The Beretta was the “lethal weapon” in the 1987 box office hit action movie “Lethal Weapon.”

No, Sparky. Detective Martin Riggs was the “Lethal Weapon” in the action movie “Lethal Weapon.” He carried a Beretta, among other firearms.  (Mel Gibson also flinched uncontrollably when he fired it, ruining some of the suspension of disbelief, though he played crazy like it was an Oscar-worthy role.)

Here’s an interesting admission, however:

Polymer pistols have become increasingly popular as lightweight and ergonomic, particularly among women, a fast-growing demographic among gun users.

A growing demographic even though, we’re told, that there is declining gun ownership!  So once again we’re “informed” by the supposed Gatekeepers of Information, again exercising their role as the clergy in the Church of State.


Thanks, John.  I’m not blogging much, but it’s still nice to get pointers to interesting stuff.

UPDATE:  Fellow Tucson blogger David Hardy points out more errors.

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