Computer Bleg

I built the computer I’m writing this on as a Christmas present to myself in 2008.  It’s an Intel Socket 1336 i7 920 2.66GHz running XP Professional with 3(only 3!)Gb of memory.  It’s got a pair of Western Digital 500Gb SATA hard drives and a Blue-Ray burner.  The video card is a Diamond Radeon 1GB.  Everything is in an ATX case with a 500W power supply.

It’s time to upgrade. I want some USB 3.0 ports, audio that works, and (Jeremy Clarkson voice) MOOORE SPEEEED!

What can I get with a $500 budget, especially if I’m willing to re-use the existing hard-disks, Blue-Ray burner and possibly the video card?

I’d like to switch to Windows 7 Professional.  Not all that fond of Windows 8 at the moment.

Oh, I’m running a pair of LG Flatron W1942T monitors that I plan to keep using.

Am I better off shopping for a pre-assembled system?

EDITED TO ADD:  (Emily Latella voice) Never mind.  The system I’ve got isn’t really all that bad even though it’s six years old.  I’m just going to upgrade it some with more memory, a newer video card, and eventually Windows 7.

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