And Now for Something Completely Different: Gun Pr0n!

Since this is supposed to be a gun blog (albeit lately it hasn’t been much of a blog at all), I thought I’d change tack and, you know, post something gun related.

Last week my dad asked me to take a couple of guns that he no longer had need for and that I didn’t want, and see what I could get for them.  So I took them to my favorite Merchant O’Death and was very pleasantly surprised at what the shop was willing to give me for them.  While I was there, MOD once again brought me a couple of things out of the “Special” display case, trying to tempt me. This is usually a very bad thing for my wallet. The first thing he showed me was a 6″ 3-screw Smith Model 29, a Dirty Harry special – beautifully blued, no lock, hammer-mounted firing pin, in very good condition.  I haven’t succumbed to .44 addiction yet, so I was able to resist temptation.

However, when he pulled this one out of the case, I couldn’t help myself:

That’s an old Clark Custom IPSC Open class Bullseye gun probably from the early late 80’s 90’s.  (See first comment.)  It would be equally good as a bowling pin gun.  Check this thing out:

Note the Remington 1100 cocking handle in place of the rear iron sight:

And the hand-done stippling on the frontstrap and the Allen screws on the front of the dust cover for adjusting fit of the slide to the frame:

From the wear & tear on the scope mount, this gun has obviously seen a LOT of use:

The first thing I looked at when he handed it to me was the price tag. Let’s just say it was WELL under $1k.

It followed me home.  Soon as I get a chance, I’m going to see how it shoots.

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