Gun Blogger Rendezvous X

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!  There WILL be a Tenth Annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous!  Originally conceived and executed by Mr. Completely, this year the helm is being run by multi-year sponsor  One other change, the date has been moved up slightly to August 20-23.  The venue remains the very nice Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada.  All the details for early registration are available here.

The tentative schedule so far:

Thursday, August 20: The rendezvous kicks off with a welcome dinner at The Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino. Early arrivals will allow time to stock up on ammo, get a lay of the land in Reno, and check out some of the local gun culture.

Friday, August 21: Breakfast followed by a day of long range rifle and pistol shooting at the Washoe County Shooting Facility. After the range we’ll head back to the Silver Legacy for dinner and to hear about some of the new products hitting the shelves.

Saturday, August 22: Breakfast followed by an introduction to International Steel Shooting Association Action Pistol shooting at the Washoe County Shooting facility. Expect a lot of time to hit the range Saturday! That night, we’ll reconvene at the Silver Legacy for dinner, our prize giveaways and the raffle.

Sunday, August 23: Breakfast at the Silver Legacy followed by a trip to U.S. Firearms Academy where we’ll have a chance to check out Reno Guns, Battleborn Firearms and experience a digital scenario shooting.

And of course, every evening the Hospitality Room will be open for bloggers and readers and other interested types to gather and talk.

I’ve attended all nine of the previous Rendezvous’ and enjoyed every one. If you’re a gun blogger or a reader and have any interest in meeting some of the people you interact with on the web every day, plus get to throw a lot of lead downrange, I urge you to come to the tenth iteration of this event! If you’re unfamiliar, just click this link for my complete coverage of previous events.

UPDATE:  And if you’re a blogger, there’s an added incentive to go.

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