Ru-roh, Shaggy, How They Gonna Spin THIS One?

The L.A. Dog Trainer Times reports: Gun in fatal San Francisco shooting belonged to federal agent.

The gun used to fatally shoot a woman on the San Francisco Embarcadero belonged to a federal agent, sources confirmed Tuesday.

No additional details about the gun were available Tuesday. The district attorney’s office declined to comment.

Yes, I imagine they did decline to comment. At least until the DA’s office is told what to say about it, if anything.

So! This gun presumably belonged to not just a local or state “Only One,” but a FED who had “proper training,” and it was even registered! And somehow, a multiple deportee illegal alien got his hands on it anyway.  And this took place in the gun-control utopia and sanctuary city of San Francisco! A lot of good that did Kathryn Steinle.

I am very sorry for her family.

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