Got a Spare Double Sawbuck?

(And man, did I date myself with that reference.)

Mark Alger, proprietor of BabyTrollBlog and author of the Baby Troll Chronicles is in a tight spot. He says:

I am a creative who has, for all my life, dreamed of earning my living as a writer. I even have published a novel and been a regular contributor to periodicals.

This past December, two weeks before Christmas, I came to an involuntary separation from my 35-year career as a commercial artist, and was left without a means of supporting myself. I was, at the time, a matter of weeks from being able to publish my second novel. Now, I am about to move forward with that goal, but the soonest I will receive any royalties will be in three months.

So he’s opened a GoFundMe page trying to tide himself over for the next six months.

I’ve enjoyed his stuff for years, so I’m tossing in some ca$h. If you’ve got some spare laying around and feel the same, please feel free.

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