Quote of the Day – Quora Edition

Someone over at Quora asked “Why do conservatives oppose progressive politics?”  A gentleman by the name of Charles Tips left an epic answer.  Unfortunately, those who need to read it, won’t.  Today’s QotD comes from that answer:

The implementation of our public schools supplanted our liberal “Little Red Schoolhouse” model that was firmly entrenched in civil society and has resulted in our children having their butts passively parked in desks for increasing terms of hours per day and years of their lives spent hermetically sealed from the real world, as, in progressive minds, the proper way to prepare them for the real world. The goal of J. G. Fichte in designing the Volkschule, which serves barely changed as the model for our public schools, was “workers who will not strike, citizens who will not revolt, soldiers who will not disobey orders.” It was designed as an indoctrination scheme to prevent the children of the non-aristocratic classes from becoming able to operate independently of state control. It is no way to produce rowdy, curious, can-do Americans, and statist Republicans clearly revere the scheme every bit as much as do progressives, just to slightly different ends. Our schools continuously disappoint, and the progressive cry in response is always, “More money! More teachers! More Admins!”

If you’ve read my posts on education you’ll note that this QotD is echoed by the writings of John Taylor Gatto and numerous others.  It’s a mini-überpost, spanning a lot more than just education.  By all means please read the whole thing.

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