Wait, There’s an Ammo Possession Limit in NY?

Gun nut kept small arsenal at Queens home (There’s a neutral headline! Agenda? What agenda?)

A 33-year-old gun enthusiast in Queens was busted for keeping a small arsenal of weapons — and a couple hundred pounds of gunpowder — after neighbors alerted cops that he was receiving large deliveries of firearms, police said Tuesday.

Guo Shou, 33, was arrested in Flushing Monday evening after cops responded to calls from neighbors and found illegal items that included 30,000 rounds of ammo and 225 pounds of gunpowder in plastic containers, police said.

Shou, who lives at 6560 Weatherole St., had three high-power magazines of ammo, an AR-10 and an AR-15 rifle. The guns are legal and he is a licensed gun owner, but the ammo exceeded the limit of what’s legal.

WTF? When did that get regulated?  Or is this just another example of Gell-Mann Amnesia effect, because neither the reporter nor the editors know anything about what they’re reporting on?

I know which way I’m betting.  He’s in violation of fire codes for the powder, probably.

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