Frying Pan, or Fire?

So the 9th Circus says “No,” the D.C. District Court says “Yes.” Not exactly a circuit split, but Scalia’s still dead and there are 4 vs. 4 Justices on the Supreme Court at present given Heller and McDonald.

Think it doesn’t matter who ends up in the White House in January? I gotta go with Michael Bane:

(I)t is my opinion (and the opinion of some of the finest activists and Second Amendment attorneys — people who have been on the front lines for DECADES) that there is a good chance the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms cannot survive a Hillary Presidency with taking some brutal hits, or be destroyed altogether. Should she be elected, we will be facing an Executive, a Judicial (remember, Scalia’s gone, along with the 5-4 stand on the Second Amendment) and probably a Legislative attack. Secondly, with Obama’s successes in weaponizing Federal agencies, we can expect attacks from those agencies, including the IRS, the EPA, Homeland Security, TSA, not to mention a reinvigorated BATFE.

“Those agencies along can do staggering damage to the gun culture without any vote in Congress. All it takes is a willingness to wield them against us.

“In the face of what I know to be a guaranteed attack from a blood enemy, I do not give a DAMN what Trump said or did years ago, or whether Ted Cruz says this or that, or whether any of the Republican weasels in Congress, who have turned their back on us for years, have to say! If Trump turns on us — which I do not believe will happen based on my own research and my own conversations — so be it. We will face that and deal with it. And we’ll likely be able to deal with it from a position of strength. But with Hillary it is all-out war from Day One.

I don’t “Unconditionally support Donald Trump,” but when I leave the voting booth in November, his name will have the blackened oval next to it.

And may Dog have mercy on us all.

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