It has been said that Western societies are “high-trust” societies, that is, members of these societies trust their fellow citizens and the various institutions that keep the systems running.  We trust each other to (in the majority) behave honorably.  We trust the police to identify and apprehend the suspect when our fellow citizens fail our trust.  We trust the justice system to try and punish, if necessary, those suspects.  We trust the banks to hold our money and at least not lose it.  We trust our media to report the facts.  We trust our government to treat us fairly.

And how much of what I just wrote above is true today?  Not just here, but in Europe as well?

What happens when a high-trust society no longer is high-trust?

You get chaos.

I ran across the Yuri Bezmenov interview video several years ago.  Ignore the interviewer.  Ignore Bezmenov’s background.  Ignore references to the KGB – they were supplanted by homegrown converts decades ago.  Ignore everything except for what he is saying.  Pay close attention to that.

Because it sure looks like we’re moving towards the endgame right now.


  1. De-moralization – complete beyond anyone’s imagination
  2. Destabilization – in progress
  3. Crisis – ?
  4. Violent change of power
  5. Re-normalization


Oh, and BTW the actions we’re seeing in Dallas are pretty much the definition of Pressing the “Fuck It” Button.

I’ve posted a follow-on piece.

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