In Other Bedbug-Related News…

So, I’m cleaning the computer / reloading room because of the damned things, and I’m going through all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the last few years reloading related.

Holy crap, I’ve got a lot of stuff. Just some of what I’ve been surprised by:

1,300 Speer 200 grain .45 Gold Dot projectiles, plus another 200 230 grain Short Barrel GDHP (and I still have 50 of the classic 200 grain “Flying Ashtray” projectiles). I’ve got about 500 Rainier Ballistics 200 grain plated HP’s. But only 1,000 pieces of unprimed brass.

500 pieces of Winchester .38 Super unprimed brass, new in unopened 100 round bags. (I traded my .38 Super in on my Hi Power last year.) Plus about 200 rounds of loaded ammo and another 150 once-fired cases. (Never did find a lot of that brass after shooting it.)

680 pieces of 405 grain Remington .458 jacketed softpoint projectiles and 975 300 grain .458 JHP projectiles, plus another 200 Speer 400 grain SPRN. I think I can feed my .458 SOCOM and .45-70 for a few years.

I should have gone through all this stuff a while back.

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