Movie Review: Logan

No spoilers.

I’m detecting a trend in action movies this year: Lots and lots and LOTS of dead bad guys. (John Wick 2, Logan….)

Hit-Girl has some serious competition.

The preview for Deadpool 2 is hysterical.

The reason, I think, that DC comic-book movies are not as commercially successful as Marvel comic-book movies is because they’re not as fun or as funny. The reason the X-Men movies haven’t been as commercially successful as, say, Iron Man or the Avengers series is, they’re not as fun or as funny. It wasn’t the R-Rating that made Deadpool wildly commercially successful, it was the humor. This was not a fun/funny film. It ain’t for kiddies. The R-Rating was earned. It was pretty serious. And pretty predictable. But damned well acted.

If you like Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine, it’s worth your money to go see it.

Oh, and the kid can ACT. You’ll be seeing more of her in the movies, I think. (Why couldn’t George Lucas cast a kid who could ACT?!?)

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