Beware Scammers

So, somebody tried to run a scam on me today.

I received a phone call on my cell as I was leaving a job site, and while I normally check the incoming number, I don’t do that while driving. I just hit the “hands-free” button and answered.  A young woman who sounded remarkably like my daughter does in hysterics (I’ve heard her in hysterics before) said she’d been in an accident, didn’t know where she was and a guy “wouldn’t let her go.”

Said guy got on the phone and informed me that he had my daughter, and if I wanted her back alive, I was going to have to get him some money – all I could scrape up – and fast.

I informed him I was two hours out of Tucson in the freaking middle of nowhere. Took a while to convince him, but he finally instructed me that he wanted me to drive to the town of Superior and wire him some money from a check-cashing place there. I told him that I was on an AT&T cell phone, and that service out there sucked, and the call would probably be dropped before I got to Superior. He informed me that if the call dropped, my daughter would be dead. He did everything he could think of to keep me on the line.

Sure enough, the call dropped just outside of Superior. The phone number was Mexican (+52 country code). I called 911 as soon as cell service was restored. I checked and my daughter was at work, and so was my grandaughter.

Got my adrenaline dump for the month.

Beware scammers. This guy had done this before, and was very smooth. I wanted to rip his spleen out through his mouth.

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