This is Why “Gun Control” Will Never Work, Part Deux

Feds say nearly a third of firearms recovered in the state are homemade, unserialized, and untraceable

An Investigation by NBC Bay Area in partnership with NBC San Diego, NBC Los Angeles, and the non-profit journalists at The Trace found that law enforcement agencies across California are recovering record numbers of ghost guns. According to several ATF sources, 30 percent of all guns now recovered by agents in communities throughout California are homemade, un-serialized firearms, known on the street as “ghost guns.”

I find that percentage suspiciously high, but the fact remains that Fr. Guido Sarducci in his “Five Minute University” bit got the part about Economics right: “Supply and Demand. That’s it.”


Of course, the reaction to this is, inevitably, “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!”

As Tam says, 80% Sten Gun lowers are available at every hardware store, but if you’re really cheap, just build yourself a pipe shotgun.  You can use that to upgrade your collection should SHTF.


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