The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen the Gun-Banners Attempt

From New Zealand, where they’re on their way to (maybe) 30% compliance with their gun ban:

Police meet with gang leaders to try and convince them to surrender guns during amnesty


Illegal guns are remaining in the hands of organised crime as gang leaders refuse to give up their weapons.

Police have met with more than 50 gang leaders in an effort to get them to comply with firearm law changes before an amnesty ends.

But it’s proving to be fruitless, as the patched members remain “very reluctant”, Police Commissioner Mike Bush told the Justice Select Committee on Thursday.

Gee, ya THINK?

“We have identified over 100 influential gang leaders and spoken to about half of them about how they are managing this and what their approach and attitude toward that [amnesty] is.”

Sorry about the auto-run videos.

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