I’ve Been Thinking…

…Yes, I know that’s a dangerous thing, but….

The DNC has, for all intents and purposes, once again rigged their Presidential Primary and selected Quid Pro Stumblin’ Joe as their candidate of choice.

And as we can all see, Joe’s having…issues. The only other contender is Comrade Bernie, and they ain’t having any of that.

Does this remind you of anything? It does me. In 2002 New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli was running for re-election. He had the Party’s nomination. His name was on the ticket. Problem was, he was being investigated for ethics violations, and it was patently obvious that he had no chance of winning re-election.

So on September 30 – just weeks before the election – the Democrats substituted Frank Lautenberg. Lautenberg hadn’t run, had not campaigned in the slightest. Torricelli had run unopposed in the primary. Lautenberg was just… picked.

When the DNC figures out that Biden cannot win, who are they going to just… pick?  And how long are they going to wait?


OK, I’m convinced.  I’m betting that at the last possible minute Andrew Cuomo will “sacrifice” his NY Governorship to take up the heavy burden of being the Democrat Nominee. He’s already being groomed for it by the Church of State:

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