Them’s Fightin’ Words (Quote of the Day – Glenn Reynolds Edition)

 I have said repeatedly that some time beginning in the 1960’s the Left’s infiltration of education, media and politics kicked into high gear.  A few years later, they had control of all three.  That was the period when the Right stopped being their “loyal opposition” and became “The Enemy.”  Opposition to Leftist ideology and policy wasn’t from ignorance or misunderstanding, not because those on the Right were too stupid to understand (though that was part of it), it was because the Right was evil.  Only an evil person could oppose such obviously correct thought.

What do you do with evil? 

You don’t debate with evil. You don’t negotiate with evil.  You certainly don’t compromise with evil.

You placate evil while you look around for a rock sufficient to bash its head in.  You DESTROY evil.

We’re past the placation stage.

The Left has been “Othering” the Right for at least the last forty years, basically since Reagan was elected.  The evidence is everywhere.  Here’s an example:

There’s lots more.  Andy Ngo, Aaron Danielson, Bernell Trammell, Adam Haner, and many others have been the recipients of the tolerance, caring and acceptance of the Left, and I imagine that after November 3 there will be a whole lot more.  

Today at Instapundit was this post by Stephen Green comparing 2020 America to 1917 Russia, but Prof. Reynolds tacked on the QotD:

I don’t think it’s 1917. But in 1917, it’s obvious in retrospect that the only moral and practical thing to do was to kill Bolsheviks, starting at the top. An unparalleled human tragedy could have been prevented, had the Czarists, or the Mensheviks, been willing to act appropriately.

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