Quote of the Day – Mark Steyn Edition


Yesterday’s mental illness is today’s social policy. – Mark Steyn

Analysis:  True.

One thought on “Quote of the Day – Mark Steyn Edition

  1. Somebody not a leftist and with adequate ability should examine the frequent relationship and coexistence of evil and stupidity in leftist humanoids.

    People often resort to the “they haven’t learned anything” and “uninformed” and “mistaken” and so on and so forth.

    In my modest opinion lefto-pukes are often both evil and stupid.

    Leftism is a devolution, a regression by an individual that takes her back to feudalism and cannibalism and the rule of Attila and the Witch “Doctor” with a degree of malevolence towards all those not of her ilk and a humongous amount of stupidity not to see the obvious ruinous and miserable results that always ensue from those methods that would most likely negatively affect the lives of the majority of leftists save the a small number of nomenklatura and apparatchiks and zampolits.

    Leftism is a religion, pure and simple, no matter how you come to it.

    Leftism is an aggressive missionary rabid jihadist fanaticism of religious nature trying to conquer the world and impose its dogma on the whole planet and they are doing a wonderful job of destroying everything else to come closer and closer to be able to rule over the remains.

    Leftism is pure magic, gaslighting and sleight of hand. Pure religion. Not an iota of science or reason or reality in the whole of it.

    It takes both evil and stupidity to look at nazi germany, soviet russia, east germany, cuba and commie china and so many other examples of communism-fascism and not see a pattern there and be able to insist that “this time it will work” because all those other times “they didn’t do it right but, this time, we will”

    There is a german word that means “all the same by force” and it is the very name of the system the nazis used in he 1930s and 40s with the results most people know.

    The world is “gleichschaltung” and in my modest opinion reflects EXACTLY the left in all its pretend different flavors (they are all the same)

    Venezuerica, the remains of the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) is under the influence of a fierce culturally marxist and politically fascist drive towards gleichschaltung.

    You may still wonder who the new “Jews” are in this drive although it is quite obvious: American patriots, non-leftists, white people and most especially white straight males.

    The left casts a wide net of people they hate, the unconquerable heathens they have marked for genocide.

    And they are coming for us.

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