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And from Larry Corriea on Facebook, during one of the short periods when he’s actually allowed to post:

For the first few days of the Afghanistan clusterfuck, most lefties were keeping their heads down. It was remarkably quiet. Well apparently they got their new download because I’ve seen the same ridiculous narrative suddenly show up a ton over the last 24 hours. Drive bys in nearly every post, all saying the same thing.

“This was all Trump’s plan/fault/date and there was nothing Biden could do.”

Okay, let’s destroy this bullshit narrative, because it’s fucking pernicious. Did Trump plan on removing the military before the civilians? Did Trump plan on abandoning our secure air base in the middle of the night without even telling our allies? Did Trump’s plan include giving a list of all our friends, allies, and countrymen to the Taliban? Did Trump intend to give the Taliban biometric scanners and records so our friends could be identified? Did Trump plan on leaving our allies hanging so badly that he’d get censored by fucking Parliament? Did Trump’s plan include leaving billions of dollars of weapons and equipment behind for the Taliban? Did Trump plan on a chaotic clusterfuck of an evacuation from an unsecure airport with people falling off of airplanes? Would Trump command our soldiers to stay at the airport while the French, English, Poles, and Hungarians ran rescue missions into the city to get their people? Did Trump plan on trusting airport security to the motherfucking goat raping Taliban so that our people could get killed by suicide bombers?

And if so, if that was Trump’s plan all along… WHY THE FUCK DID BIDEN NOT COME UP WITH A BETTER PLAN?

Even if these lying ass bastards were right (they aren’t) and the worst foreign policy fuck up in our lifetimes was exactly what Trump wanted to do, the fact that the Biden administration didn’t come up with something better would still all be on their heads.

And I’m not saying Trump is blameless, oh no. The blame for this whole thing goes back two decades, Republican and Democrat, senior military leadership, the state department, and the intelligence community, lots of highly paid experts and PhDs in international relations all covering their asses together.

However, the blame for this clusterfuck, this one operation, this infuriating, embarrassing, goat rope of a withdrawal, is all on Joe Biden, his puppeteers, and the people who were gullible/selfish enough to install him into office.

You voted for this shit. We warned you he was corrupt and incompetent, and all the evidence showed he was corrupt and incompetent, but you kicked us off the internet, looked the other way, and now you fucking own this. Quit making excuses. Quit lying. Own it. Help fix it. Or shut the fuck up.

And finally from LawDog, same source:

My little brother was born in Tripoli, Libya in 1969. September of that year, Gaddafi took control. One of his first pronouncements was that all foreigners needed to leave. Corollary to that was that all children born in Libya were Libyan citizens, and would remain there.

The American Embassy informed us that they wereworking on a diplomatic solution” and to be patient.

Dad hired a dhow, and crew, and we got back to Malta. We got a parting gift from the Libyans in the form of several hundred rounds through the hull — I was two years old.

August 15, 1971. We were in Malta. We woke up to discover that President Nixon had “floated the dollar”. I remember picturing a man with a Lincoln beard standing on a dock, throwing dollar bills into the water. Unfortunately, this meant that our US bank account was worthless in Malta. Dad was somewhere in North Africa, and I remember the exhaustion of being dragged all over the island after Mom took us to the US Embassy and was told that “things were fluid” and they’d try to help when things stabilized. It was after dark before Mm found a store that took mercy on a mother with two small children and took American Express traveller’s cheques at face value for food. The Embassy never did get back to us, even after things “stabilized”.

1976. More rounds went through General Murtala Mohammed (and his driver) than the last four James Bond movies. Unfortunately, the rebelling soldiers miscalculated, and the counter-coup by the Army was … enthusiastic. As this wasn’t our first rodeo, as soon as Murtala quit bouncing we loaded up the Land Cruiser, and headed for Port Harcourt, where an oil rig supply vessel was waiting.

Three stewardesses who were visiting their engineer boy-friends headed for the American Consulate in Lagos. Two of them made it back, after being informed that they needed to go to the aeroport and get out of the country. The Nigerian Army had locked down the aeroport, and had twitchy trigger fingers. I sat in the lap of one of the stewardesses on the road to Port Harcourt, and she didn’t stop crying and shaking.

There were more evacs from African countries, and from a couple of Middle Eastern places, but we never approached the US Embassy for help again.

Even later, as a man grown and feral, I knew better than to rely on the Government for help.

Adrenaline and fear add a metallic odour to sweat. Blood is coppery. Someone inevitably loses control of their bladder and/or bowels, but that smell is actually not as bad as the smell of blood and terror.

There’s always dust. And some jackass always sets something on fire, so the smoke coats your mouth, and hangs in your nose.

Then there’s the smell of smokeless powder. And burnt bodies. That’s a smell that sticks in your nose for a while, but it’s not as bad as the smell that comes later, when the bodies have been out for a while.

People get together, huddling out of fear and uncertainty into a big herd of panicky people. Locals herd with locals. Foreigners with foreigners. And once they herd up, the scavengers show up and start picking off the weak.

One will have a brother who knows a way through the jungle, or around the military patrols. It only costs you most of your savings, and as soon as you get out in the boonies, it’s a rifle butt in the teeth and the rest of your savings taken. If you’re lucky. If not, it’s a bullet and a ditch, and they take the savings off of your body.

If you’re a man. Women quickly find out that as soon as things went into the khazi, they go from “person” to “commodity”. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

As bad as all that is — and it’s way worse than you think — that isn’t the part that’s going to give me nightmares.

Absent sheer bad luck, a smart, prepared, violent man will survive this sort of thing.

And that’s going to give me nightmares.

The President of the United States. the Joints Chiefs of Staff, and the entire State Department can go fuck themselves right now.

Anyone who voted to put that muppet in the Oval Office can go fuck themselves right now.

I’m headed for the bourbon, and I’m going to hope like fuck I don’t have nightmares. – Lawdog

At least one of those people who voted for Biden, The most popular President in American history! is publicly remorseful:

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Sam Harris @SamHarrisOrg Publicly eating these words.. syllable by syllable. Sam Harris @SamHarrisOrg Jan 20 Feeling overwhelming gratitude or the adults in the room... 2:47 PM Aug 26, 2021. Twitter Web App 4, 448 Retweets 959 Quote Tweets 26.7K Likes'

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  1. I have a relative they lives in a foreign country they went to the US Embassy once in 26 years and totally worthless. They have not been back in 25 1/2 years. They do not give a shit.

  2. Who has been supplying Taliban? Who are they working for?

    Maybe the equipment was left to them so that they may create chaos. The strategic target is Iran.

    Not a combat vet, but I will say that the vids the media presented to us, of Taliban—they don’t look battle hardened. Not like guys been fighting like animals for years and they finally decapitate the enemy state, entering the capital city, looking for heads. Clothes were clean, they looked well fed, weapons media-fresh, relaxed.

    Methinks “Taliban” is another op by banker intell agencies (I mean MI6, Mossy, Cocaine Importing Agency, et al.)

    Banker media is going to flush hundreds of lies at us now, of atrocities committed by Taliban. The “defense” industry in the U.S. is facing disgrace and cuts, along with the U.S. milterry. I mean rock bottom, lower than after the fall of Saigon.

    1. I’d bet money, a lot of it, and thats saying something since I’m really poor, the people behind this entire shitshow over there for the last 20 years goes by the acronym with CIA in it. Don’t want anything or anyone interfering with their opium trade. It’s happend not all that long ago over in SE Asia land, and again in Central Merka. They’re forbidden (ha) from operating within CONUS but have free reign outside the borders. I wouldn’t trust them or any other feral agency, as far as I could throw my house.
      They may not have direct control of things but you can bet you’re sweet bippy they got their fingers in it somewhere.

  3. The bumper sticker I want would have the “oexist” of the “Coexist” stickers slashed out in blood and “Submit” appended.
    Though the Biden bloody hand does have a certain appeal.
    John in Indy

  4. I’ve been making a list:

    Shadow Systems MR920
    S&W M&P 15 Sport
    Extar EP9
    Radikal MKX-3

    Although in some ways I wonder why I bother. I live in Dallas, the chances of my getting far enough away from the X-mark to have a decent chance of survival are vanishingly small.

  5. Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal is the single greatest pooch screwing an American president* has ever undertaken, bar nothing.

    He sniffed and fucked that pooch HARD.

    I submit that it will also be the last fuckup of that magnitude, because We the People are going to have to figure out how to make it impossible for one man to make that magnitude of mistake.

    * This is presuming that history doesn’t judge Trump to be the last legitimately elected POTUS. As to that: the people pushing the Narrative desperately want us to believe that election 2020 was Free, Fair, and Final.

    I concede that it was Final. The magic spells were incanted, the ceremonies were completed, the ribbons were tied and sealed with wax, and all the forms were obeyed. I do not conceded that the underlying voting or counting was free and fair.

  6. I am not familiar with LawDog; and I have just spent over half an hour trying to find the origin. Please provide a link, something. Thank you.

    1. LawDog left that story on Facebook. His blog is, but he posts there only sporadically now. He’s also published a couple of books available on Amazon. He was born and raised in Africa to American parents (oil industry) and came to the U.S. as a child. He was until recently a Sheriff’s deputy in a Texas town known only as “Bugscuffle.” I have personally met him a couple of times. He’s as funny in person as he is (normally) when he writes. But he has seen the elephant.

  7. It should be noted that the Trump plan (out by May 1st) was deliberately jettisoned by the Bidenharris junta. They were looking to gain political capital through the spectacle of leaving 20 years after the 9/11 attacks.

    (Pause to let you stop laughing.)

    So Mr. Correia’s slightly off the mark. They did come up with a new plan. Well, they said they did. Their plan has all the looks of a kid frantically trying to write his term paper while on the school bus, the day that it’s due.

    And that’s how you get God knows how many Americans trapped in Afghanistan (the numbers vary and I wouldn’t trust the worthless vapid talking heads to tell me what the weather was like at this point).

    It’ll be interesting to see how much they lie to try and protect their idiot-in-chief (and his handlers), in the face of this level of incompetence.

  8. Biden, Harris, Austin, and Milley have the blood of 13 dead AMERICANS (for now), on their hands. How many more before this is over? 300-1000 AMERICANS left behind, according to boots on the ground, and that was just in Kabul. And they left in the middle of the night (again)!

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