A Farewell to Bourgeois Kings (Link)

You really, really need to read this piece. An excerpt does not do it justice, but here’s a taste:

It is not just that the elite class is incompetent – even kings could be incompetent without undermining belief in monarchy as a system – it is that they are so grossly, spectacularly incompetent that they walk around among us as living rebuttals of meritocracy itself. It is that their application of managerial logic to whatever field they get their grubby mitts on – from homelessness in California to industrial policy to running a war – makes that thing ten times more expensive and a hundred times more dysfunctional. To make the situation worse, the current elites seem almost serene in their willful destruction of the very fields they rely on for legitimacy. 

Malcolm Keyeyune – Power & Politics blog

8 thoughts on “A Farewell to Bourgeois Kings (Link)

  1. EVERY piece of equipment the US has used in Afghanistan in the last 20 years *is now compromised.* EVERY tactical doctrine, EVERY example of why we do things the way we do them, *is now compromised.*

    Between what we gifted the Taliban, and what they’re going to get by
    torturing our used-to-be allies (not just Afghanis, we bugged out on some European allies in Afghanistan as well) before they behead them, EVERY BIT OF IT will be known.

    And by this time next month, it will be known by the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and the North Koreans.

    In short, *everything a military/political organization DREAMS of knowing about an enemy,* every enemy we have the world over will know about us within 6 months, and probably within 1.

    And as if that’s not enough, for practical purposes we just gave away Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine. After this, there’s not a leader with any sense anywhere in the world who would trust the US as an ally anymore. They KNOW we’ll bail out and leave them hanging, we’ve shown them that. And the Russians, the Chinese, and the Iranians know it as well.

    This is my opinion *before* having read the linked piece.

  2. “…the American empire is burning, and nobody knows what to do about it, much less how to put the fire out.”

    That’s because the fire is being stoked BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE US AND HIS CRONIES.

    This also seems like an appropriate place to put something I have posted elsewhere:

    Be *proud* of my service?

    Be *proud* that I was used by con artists to enhance their own power and prestige, and then thrown away when I was no longer politically convenient to them? And now EVERY SINGLE IDEAL THAT I THOUGHT WAS WORTH DEFENDING is being deliberately, systematically destroyed by these….

    If I bought an old beater of a car, worth maybe $100, for $25,000 because the con artist who sold it to me swore, *correctly,* that it was “a classic,” should I be proud of that too?

    Sorry Mr. Parnell, I am no longer proud of my service, I am ashamed of it. I am no longer proud of my country, I am ashamed of it. By serving in the military, I helped enable this SCoaMF and his clown show, and I have no faith whatever that I will be able to live it down.

    And in a later reply:

    I’m not ashamed of my actions, nor the motivation behind them. I’m ashamed that I was naive enough to believe my leaders WHO SWORE THE EXACT SAME OATH to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” *actually meant that* just like I did.

    Instead, I have watched the President of the US stand up and publicly declare that he didn’t have Constitutional authority to extend the eviction moratorium, and then *quite deliberately* keep getting more opinions until he found someone who would lie to him and tell him sure, it’s legal, do it. And he KNEW it was a lie, but that didn’t matter to him. It gave him the chance to subvert the Constitution, and that was his priority.

    Every single citizen of the USA, including the ones I wouldn’t p1ss on to put them out if they were on fire, has been sold down the river by Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and his cronies. And he and his cronies know it, and *they know we know it,* and they don’t care, because THEY’RE PROUD OF IT.

    And they’re *hoping* to start a civil war, because that will hasten the destruction of the US, which is the end goal.

    So tell me, if the US had been defeated by the Axis powers in WWII, *would the result have been any worse?* If so, please explain how, because I can’t see it.

    Note that I wrote that just BEFORE the fall of Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan just put the cherry on top. I was already in the above state from the knowledge that *the President of the United States* had knowingly, publicly, deliberately announced that he was subverting the Constitution he had just sworn to uphold and defend a few months before (eviction moratorium), and was looking at ways to subvert it again in a different way (national mask mandates).

    All Afghanistan did was turn the volume up to 11.

  3. You know what’s on fire? Those bourgeois managerial kings?

    That’s their post constitutional order burning. The post constitutional order they seduced the American people into, promising Great Achievement and Progress if only we turned a blind eye to constitutional limits to power and let them have their way.

    That’s what’s burning.
    They had their chance, and now it’s past.

      1. To quote Saitama from One Punch Man: “…OK.”

        We’ll be MORE than happy to pry it from their stiffening, cold fingers.

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