You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Let’s see: A gun-grabber nominated to head the BATFE. (Stopped.)

An ecoterrorist confirmed to head the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, not Black Lives Matter.)

An actual Marxist nominated to be Comptroller of the Currency.

Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal now acknowledged, and nothing is done while he sells his “artwork” to wealthy Chinese for exhorbitant sums.

President Biden goes incoherent during addresses, and the media covers for him.

Crowds at sporting events chant “F— Joe Biden” and outside of Social Media, it gets no attention.

The Northern border is closed to Canadian citizens (80+% vaccinated), Border Patrol officers face firing for not getting vaccinated, while literally tens of thousands of illegal aliens stream across the southern border and are relocated by the Federal gov. without so much as a COVID TEST.

A $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill that includes language directing banks to report all account transactions over $600, a “pilot program” to start billing cars by the miles driven, and adds 87,000 new IRS agents to enforce these rules.

Honestly, if you wrote a novel with all these plot points no one, NO ONE would believe it.

What else ya got?

17 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. I actually do believe that things will get better.

    The bad news is that, at 63, I don’t believe that I will live to see that day. Not that I have any serious health issues, just general life expectancy, I don’t think my odds are good.

  2. They are in a hurry as they figure they might lose the house and the senate so do it now or forget it. Problem is the GOP in the senate are squishes

    1. Oh, the .gov has assured us that ALL Afghans have all been vetted, just ask them.

      How IS it that you can vet someone from a country with no records of any kind (the illiteracy rate is also astonishingly high), where almost every male uses the same name (SHOCKER), and probably has only the one, and also doesn’t even know what his own family tree looks like?


  3. Let’s not forget as well:
    1. A series of “vaccines” that do not produce immunity nor prevent transmission, which
    2. Have a rather deeply obfuscated record of injury and death as a direct result of the jabs, and
    3. Are still under Emergency Use Authorizations, as the only FDA-approved jabs are not available here, which
    4. Makes all the jabs actually available “experimental treatments,” thereby
    5. Indemnifying the manufacturers from claims of liability because experimental treatments are just that, except,
    6. The federal government, numerous states, and countless employers are playing the FDA shell game of approved vs experimental in order to require a jab, all the while
    7. Pretending that medical and religious/personal beliefs which are codified under federal and state laws as valid reasons not to get jabbed do not exist, and all for
    8. A virus that at face value of reported numbers has a far higher survivability rate than the regular flu, even before you take into account the fact that
    9. The “tests” being used for diagnosis confirmation were never intended to be used that way and have a massive false positive rate, meaning
    10. The reported numbers of fatalities due to the virus is almost certainly not just wrong, but inflated by an order of magnitude.

    And all that for what is almost certainly a bioweapon accidentally released before it was ready, made in labs by an enemy of our country, and funded by our country through subverted enemy agents within our own government.

    My own employer is so far refusing to admit that Executive Orders are not law, that the federal govt has no authority to mandate shit in this field, that no employer has the right to view private medical records not directly germane to job, that every prophylactic jab available is NOT FDA-approved, that requiring experimental treatments as a condition of employment is against multiple laws, and that denying the existence of legitimate exceptions to any vaccine requirement is also illegal.
    And all the while demanding we do more with fewer people, as folks quit or get fired due to this illegal and unconstitutional mandate.

  4. Everything listed is ACTUALLY happening. It’s not fiction, it’s not fantasy, it’s real.
    Why? Because the commie left succeeded in their decades long plan to infiltrate, subvert and suborn EVERY meaningful part of American society. They OWN the media, Academia, the Judiciary, EVERY single Federal LEO agency and a firm majority in Congress. And that doesn’t include the countless marxists holding lower level bureacratic offices at the state and local levels. They succeeded in implementing “mail in voting” and getting their PET software company Dominion put in place as the major vote recording mechanism….which THEY TOTALLY CONTROL. Thanks to that there will never be another honest election in America again. And because they cannot be voted out of office, they will never be arrested for their ongoing crime spree and there is NOBODY left in a position to hold them accountable that they don’t own they are going full speed ahead with the plan to destroy America. TINVOWOOT people.

  5. Something prompted me to start having hopeful thoughts, and it occurred to me that you guys might enjoy this.

    The subject was “the financial surveillance state,” with the IRS tracking every transaction of everyone in the US, which is the obvious goal of the $600 red flag. Someone made a remark about how 100 million gun owners might make it a real problem, someone else said that tanks and gunships would make it shooting fish in a barrel. Moreover, “the urban areas will be in support of the totalitarian elites as long as the gravy train keeps running.”

    But here’s the rub, and my response:

    And when things start to become unavailable *at any price,* because the people who actually produce things refuse to be treated as property?

    We’re already seeing that. Southwest Airlines is losing its shirt right now, because they thought they could treat their pilots like serfs, and the pilots decided there was no amount of money and perks that justified putting up with that.

    How much damage does it do to an airline’s “gravy train” when they can’t put planes in the sky, *no matter what the inducement?* What does it do to “the gravy train” as a whole when you multiply that across the board, hundreds of companies involving every sector of the economy?

    They can tax as much as they like, and print all the monopoly money they choose. And when people decide their yards can be made into food gardens, and that the currency with *real* value is trading for seeds and skills, all the elites will get really desperate really fast ANYWAY.

    I know how to make alcohol from compost, biodiesel from cooking waste, and an electric generator from an old car alternator. I’m willing to bet that not only does Joe Biden not know how, he doesn’t even *know* anybody who does. I seriously doubt he even knows anyone who could figure it out *given a book on the subjects.* That’s not how they think. In their world, goods come *from shops,* not from skills.

    1. I’ve been thinking about this, too. I have tagged it #WithdrawConsent. The government serves by consent of the governed. We’ve about had it with them. We withdraw consent by not complying with their edicts. Southwest Airlines, FAA air controllers, health workers, cops, solders, sailors, airmen and Marines, and new groups join the walkout almost daily.

      #WithdrawConsent. It will definitely get their attention. Question is, will they buckle or double-down? I’m betting on doubling down.

      1. They can try. But just as an example, there are about 3.5 million truckers in this country. I don’t know how many of them have gotten the jab. I suspect most consider it unnecessary, considering that extreme social distancing is their normal daily routine. Those that have are likely to be in situations like mine, where my 82-year-old mother-in-law, who is immune compromised and has other serious health problems, lives in the same house with my wife and me. If my wife or I get COVID, it’s likely as not to be an annoyance, albeit possibly a sever one. If mom gets it, she almost certainly dies.

        That’s why I got the jab, not because anyone told me to. But okay, if Biden demands that every trucker in the US get the jab or get fired, what happens if even as few as one million of them walk out? Personally I’d expect closer to 2.5 million. The supply chain crisis immediately becomes a food and fuel shortage, that’s what happens, and anything less essential than food and fuel becomes flatly unavailable at any price. You may also have people like me, who just might walk out along with them as a matter of principle, vaxxed or not.

        So what are they going to do? Force us at gunpoint to drive trucks? Good luck with that. Watch me spend 5 hours just getting out of DFW metro, because I suddenly forgot how the accelerator works. Watch me have a rash of breakdowns, because belts, hoses, and anything else that can be seriously damaged with nothing but a pocket knife and 2 seconds work suddenly go bad at an amazing rate. Watch me suddenly forget that if you happen to mix DEF in with the diesel, you’ll end up having to replace the entire fuel system, from tank to injectors, and might end up sending the whole truck to the scrapyard.

        If you decide to get into an asshole contest with me, you’ll be unhappy when it’s my turn. I promise.

        1. Note: The truck driving profession is hardly unique in this respect. Imagine the damage IT people could do. Imagine the damage accounting people could do. Imagine the damage customer service people could do.

          Pick a profession, nearly any profession. If it’s people who make well over minimum wage, you can get seriously horrified once you start thinking about what would happen if they rebelled.

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