Does This Remind You of Anyone?

They want someone to by a ticket to Ft. Sumter. They NEED it. And by ghu, they’re going to keep pushing until they get it!

5 thoughts on “Does This Remind You of Anyone?

  1. I really don’t think they want that ticket though.

    The late Mike Vanderboegh, God rest his soul, stated unequivocally that we should NOT give them their Fort Sumter. However, I don’t think he foresaw just how deep the divisions have gotten. And this was the guy who wrote Absolved, where ‘one side might as well be speaking Urdu to the other’.

    We’re reaching a point where people are simply not going to care. They see how badly they and their friends are being treated, and their reaction will no longer be to work within the system.

    And at that point, things get nasty.

    1. Mike Vanderboegh is right, though, that we shouldn’t give them their Fort Sumter moment.

      Having said that, I can’t help but wonder when they’ll have a Fort Sumpter moment of their own.

      In any case, whatever happens, I do not look forward to it. As you say, things will get very nasty. I just hope that, in the end, we revert to being a Republic, rather than transform to become an Empire (or something worse).

  2. So, they desire something they can make into a spectacle, as they’re desperately trying with the events of last January 6.

    So, maybe give them something different. Maybe “Think Local”.

    Who was it said; “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door“?
    At least the logistics would be easier to deal with.

  3. Three million invaders per year. Schools that convert our too-few children into enemies. Trained compliance to insane demands. The cultural revolution is already underway, and we are losing.

    How much longer should we wait? Until we have lost everything and everyone and everywhere? There is no down side any longer. Every day been grow weaker. Every day they grow stronger.

    We may win or we may lose, but at least we’ll have a chance. We’ll lose and be exterminated if we don’t even try.

  4. Yes….there are a lot of leftists in power pushing and pushing hoping to get that violent reaction they think they can use to justify going whole hog on tyranny overnight. The problem is once that Pandoras box is opened all bets are off. And a LOT of the people on their side know NOTHING of actually dispensing violence….they are good at ordering OTHERS to do so but not capable of it themselves. That reality will come back to haunt them real fast.

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