6 thoughts on “Deliberate and Intentional

  1. This so reminds me of the Time Machine – with the child like Eloi and the vicious Morlocks. The book did not tell us how the Eloi became that way but we are sure seeing how it was done now

  2. I recall an organization from the late 1980’s called US English. They were lobbying to get English declared the official language in all US states, as well as at the federal level. Their goal was to require that English be taught to all students of public schools, as well as having all laws written in English. I recall what the founder, who was a male hispanic immigrant, said about why he was doing this. It was something like this: “Some people want to teach my kid Spanish in school so they can grow up to be dishwashers or janitors. I want my kids to learn English so they can grow up to be Doctors or Lawyers or Engineers.”

    He nailed it. They’re NOT trying to help. They’re trying to keep people poor so they can control them via government hand-outs.

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