And Then There Were 23

Alabama joined the family of Constitutional Carry states, or at least it will as soon as the law goes into effect on January 1, 2023, and it is joined by Ohio where Gov. Mike Dewine signed their bill into law, effective June 12, 2022. Indiana’s law is sitting on its Governor’s desk waiting to be signed.

Slow and steady wins the race.

6 thoughts on “And Then There Were 23

  1. Texas has it, but doesn’t have it. It’s now a complicated minefield of laws, supposedly for ConCarry, but not. The minute the law came in force, EVERY store and operation of appreciable size had the new signage up, forbidding the carrying of guns UNLESS you had a CCL already. You see, the untrained by govt., the untaxed by govt., make the shopkeepers nervous as hell. So, walk in without the govt. approved bs, and viola’! Instant felon. That is, if they detect you and ask you to leave and you don’t. I don’t think of it as ConCarry, I think it’s a trap. The Nancy Boys in Austin were so scared/excited by the legislation, and the college industry was sure blood would run in the streets, that they bound the law with so many caveats as to make it weak as a kitten. It’s not Constitutional Carry, it’s permission from the damned businesses carry, and say please from the college industry carry, and a really good way to confuse a lot of gun owners into a jail sentence carry.

  2. While these victories are that….victories they are just a small battle in the overall war.
    The war the commie left is waging against ALL of our freedoms. And if we blink for a moment, take our eyes off the battle, you can bet the farm the criminal left WILL find a way to claw back some of our gains.

  3. Infringe’, indfringe3d, pt.,pp.; v.i. to break in; encroach or trespass (on or upon the rights,patents, etc. of others).
    syn. – violate, transgress, encroach, infract, intrude, invade, trespass.
    From Websters New Universal

    “Shall Not Be Infringed” means exactly that and nothing more or less. There is no, None, Zero, Nada, Squat, Zip, provision that states that “Congress shall make laws regulating arms”, or the carry, concealment or open carry of arms.
    The States agreed to this by ratifying the Constitution when becoming states. States as well as the ferals are only allowed to make laws and regulations under what is allowed the under the US Constitution, or State Constitutions. Nothing more.
    You and all those before you have allowed the ferals and states to disregard this principle, which brings us to the shitshow we are now presently enduring.
    All because people before we entered the gene pool got convinced it was “for everyones safety”.
    That is pure horseshit and everyone promoting that theory knows it.
    You are not in charge of my safety – I AM, and ONLY me. And therein lies the biggest issue as I see it.
    “I’ll trade off my right to protect myself and right to carry arms, if you will provide for my safety.” And so the tradeoff games began. Turns out, they are better at the trading game than you thought you were. You trade off more than you gain. And here ya are!
    Now whaddah ya gonna do? Eh!

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