And Then There Were 22

Here’s the current map of progress in concealed carry law nationwide. At present there are 21 “Constitutional Carry” states, 21 “Shall Issue” states, 8 “May Issue” states, and none that are “No-Issue” by law (though try to get one in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, etc.)

And now there will be 22 “Constitutional Carry” states: Alabama House Approves Bill to Let People Carry Concealed Handguns without a Permit. Of course there’s always the wailing of the gun-ban crowd about Wild-West shootouts in K-Mart over blue-light specials:

Susan Kirkpatrick, a volunteer with the Alabama chapter of Moms Demand Action, said in statement last month as the bill advanced through the Republican-dominated legislature that lawmakers “ignored research, reason, and expertise — choosing violence over public safety and jeopardizing the wellbeing of our communities.”

“This vote has moved us another step in the opposite direction of where we should be headed,” she added.

Which has never happened anywhere “shall-issue” has passed. But they can’t give up on it. It’s all they have.

6 thoughts on “And Then There Were 22

  1. Ohio’s Constitutional Carry law is on the Governor’s desk. I haven’t seen any indication which way the Dewine weather vane is pointing as to whether he is likely to sign it.

  2. Add Kali to the states where actually getting a permit is dubious at best. The vast majority of CLEO there simply refuse to hand out permits ( unless of course you are a HUGE donor to their campaign funds). A handful of the sheriffs in more rural counties are more reasonable. They are the rare exception.

  3. Surprising me (but he does have a challenged Primary coming up in a couple of months) Dewine actually signed the Constitutional Carry bill today (14th). It goes into effect in June (91 days from signing).

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