Everyone Needs to Read This Piece

The New Authoritarians by Alex Gutentag, Tablet Magazine, March 29, 2022.


It is only by painting themselves as victims fighting against their oppressors that college-educated professionals can rationalize their own authoritarianism. The cult of victimhood conjures the specter of fascism, misogyny, or white nationalism in order to justify blatantly repressive measures. This is why, for example, the professional class consistently portrayed unvaccinated people as Trump supporters even though in many major cities vaccine passports mostly excluded Democrat-voting Black residents from indoor establishments. Under the guise of combatting anti-vax extremism, woke liberal politicians embraced segregation and the exact kind of “systemic racism” they claimed to oppose. While considering themselves to be on the side of righteousness and rationality, commentators called for hospitals to reject unvaccinated patients, and some even celebrated their deaths. This is precisely the type of punitive, regressive tendency that progressives warned would be a consequence of Trump’s election.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs to Read This Piece

  1. Those “punitive, regressive tendenc[ies]” WERE the result of Trump’s election.

    Not because Trump engaged in those things, but because by not engaging in them he “forced” Blue cities and states to do it.

    It’s all Trump’s fault! Always!

    [This is pure sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.]

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