Compare and Contrast:


It’s not just spending — Biden’s record regulations are driving inflation too, – New York Post 5/23/22. Excerpt:

In its first year, Team Biden added more than 72,000 pages of regulations, executive orders and agency notices. … Biden’s team also pushed through more major regulations in his first year than any president in modern US history….


The Trump Administration’s Historic Year in Deregulation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, December 18, 2017. Excerpt:

President Trump issued Executive Order 13,771, in January, ordering the executive branch regulatory agencies to roll back two regulations for each new regulation issued. On December 14, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) unveiled a preliminary estimate of the regulatory reform actions taken by the Trump administration through the end of fiscal year 2017 (September 30). From the end of January through September, the administration completed 67 deregulatory actions to only 3 new regulatory actions and reduced the regulatory burden by $8.1 billion (net present value of lifetime burden) or $570.4 million annually.


I sure could use some mean tweets right now.

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