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A Chink In The Armor Of The Progressive Administrative State.

I’ve read a lot of law, but I have not delved into the “Progressive Administrative State” as I should have. Excerpt:

The great mission of the early twentieth century Progressives was to transform our constitutional order without ever amending the Constitution itself. The intellectual leader of the movement was Woodrow Wilson. The fundamental idea was to replace the messy and contentious system of separated powers and slow bi-cameral lawmaking with a cadre of supposedly apolitical administrative “experts” who could run the country smoothly and efficiently.

The idea sounded rather benign to most people at the time, and probably still sounds benign to most people today. Who could be against having “experts” to run significant government agencies? But a hundred-plus years into this project, we have seen cancerous growth of vast administrative bureaucracies, outside the constitutional structure, and exercising great powers, but accountable to no one but themselves — the very antithesis of the constitutional structure that our founders attempted to bequeath to us.

Yes. This. Exactly. Read the whole thing.

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  1. While going for my PhD starting in 2003, I had an faculty member who claimed he was a member of the committee to help regulate pricing during the era of the Gas embargo in the 70’s. He talked about how he developed a methodology to bring all these experts together and through rounds of discussions and analysis technique called the Delphi Method would reach a consensus that would be the best option for everyone. He did see 30 years later that it failed – all they were trying to do was a bigger problem than they could actually grasp and “solve”. But he was a leftist and to him it worked but not as well as it could because they just did not do it right that time. BUT, if they did it again it would be better.
    The left never learns from experience because they are too smart for that.

    1. You’re referring to an article of faith of the social “engineers”. They believe that if they could just control enough inputs and variables, that they can direct some sort of outcome they feel is beneficial.

      They are always just one more variable to control away from success. They always just need one more power over the selfish bastards who don’t care about the Common Good to spark critical mass to Utopia.

      And when they can’t think of any more variables to control, then they reach for the guillotines.

  2. “…a cadre of supposedly apolitical administrative ‘experts’ who could run the country smoothly and efficiently.”

    The word “politburo” comes to mind.

    Look at the Soviet Union’s own records to see how well they did.

  3. And when progressives screech about “democracy”, this is what they mean. Extraconstitutionally powered bureacrats immunized from check and balance given leave to impose their ideologically driven decision making upon others.

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