Doesn’t Fit the Narrative™

In relation to my previous post “If Personal Firearm Ownership Protects…, here’s an exhibit A:

West Virginia: Legally-Armed Woman Saves Lives By Shooting Would-be Mass Shooter. Details:

A good guy with a gun, in this case a woman, saved lives in West Virginia when she shot and fatally wounded 37-year-old Dennis Butler at a party taking place outside an apartment complex.  Butler was reportedly randomly firing his rifle at the attendees, miraculously not actually hitting anyone, when he was gunned down by the heroic woman who was legally carrying.

Shooter was a black male, 37, armed reportedly with an AR-15 style rifle. Defender was female, age and race not reported or necessary. This incident met only one requirement to be national headline news – an AR-15 was involved. Media boxes not checked:

1: White Male shooter. Nope.
2: Multiple dead/wounded people, preferably children, preferably of a race other than white. Nope.
3: Incident stopped by an officer of the law. Nope.

And to add insult to injury, the defender was female, and we are told that private citizens, women in particular, can’t defend themselves with handguns against attackers. Further, this was a graduation party, so there were “youths” in the crowd. She defended kids.

So this won’t appear in the national news for more than 30 seconds, if at all. A quick search of ABCNNBCBS and PBS found that CBS repeated the AP wire story on May 27, but none of the other major outlets have any record of it. CBS did not do a followup.

Doesn’t fit the Narrative™. It’s therefore mis- dis- or mal-information and must be suppressed.

5 thoughts on “Doesn’t Fit the Narrative™

  1. I noticed that she’s done an excellent job of keeping her ID secure and out of the papers, which is supremely logical and excellent situational awareness. In a story like this I always tell myself, “if I ever meet (insert defender’s name here) the beer’s on me.” In reality, the chance I’ll ever meet any of them is essentially zero.

    1. Yes. Not like the stories where the media gives the physical address of the home where a defensive shooting occurred and describes the homeowner. (*sheesh*)

  2. The only bleeding was performed by the assailant, so logically, this story can’t lead, (as you duly noted) because of facts not being able to be beaten into the neat, round-hole narrative.

    Fuck the lot of ’em.

  3. “1. White Male shooter. Nope.”

    That doesn’t matter if they can fudge his race by making him “white hispanic” or some such. That term didn’t even exist until the press made it up to apply to George Zimmerman.

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