This Blog is XIX

Nineteen years ago, I hit “Publish” on my very first blog post, over at the old site. That’s 133 in Blogyears. 7,288 posts so far, about 383 per calendar year, just over one post per day on average. I haven’t been posting much of late, but I have a ridiculously long ├╝berpost in the pipe, so this thing ain’t dead yet.

I’ve been shouting at clouds for nineteen years now, with damned little to show for it. Each day we’re just that little bit closer to the excrement impacting the rotating air impeller, but still we keep soldiering on. That which cannot go on, won’t.

To those who have been following this thing for a while, thank you. Looks like I’ll be doing this for a while longer, assuming the power stays on.

21 thoughts on “This Blog is XIX

  1. Thanks for all of the free ice cream. It’s been a valuable addition to my intellectual diet.

  2. A thanks from myself as well.

    I’m just glad you are still around with your past health issues.

  3. “just that little bit closer to the excrement impacting the rotating air impeller” love the way that is phrased.
    So thank you for all the posts and thoughts – I look forward to them.
    Many more years to you

  4. Thank you for being too stupid and stubborn to stay down.

    Given your health issues in recent times, that seems like an appropriate way to phrase it.

  5. We share birthdays! Today’s my 60th.
    Thanks for all the great posts. Been following you since I can remember.

          1. I was going to deliver a beautiful message about growing old….

            But I forgot what it was.

            Happy birthday!

  6. Your efforts to illustrate the insanity that is America have been invaluable to me in understanding our enemies, both foreign and domestic. I have used your gun control uber-posts to help turn 2 family members & at least one friend away from darkness. Your insights into our corrupt government have helped me see clearly these traitors and their goals. Your efforts over the years have had a greater effect than perhaps you realize, and God willing, will continue to do so!

  7. Who else remembers the talk.politics.guns USENET days?

    Back before this blog….

    Kevin has been doing this stuff for a while now….

  8. Congratulations.

    I don’t want to embarrass you or discourage you from continuing, but you were one of my inspirations for starting. I’m not quite 86 in blog years.

  9. Thanks Kevin! Mine is just a ‘kid’ by comparison, but you have always been a daily read and have been responsible for many a deep dive to go through all the references! ­čÖé

  10. Thanks for all the years of work. Remember that some of us Olde Skool types are still using RSS, and seldom turn up in your stats or comments.

  11. A hearty congratulations, to my colleague-in-liberty.
    It has been a *fascinating* run, and it ain’t over yet.

    And now, to read your latest uberpost.

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