Karma Runs Over Dogma

From a Facebook friend:

Well said, Stephen. Well said.

Someone else offered up this:

He’s been waiting his entire professional career to write this opinion, and he made the very most of it. Line by line, detail by meticulous detail. It’s a Masterpiece.

One more:


9 thoughts on “Karma Runs Over Dogma

  1. Like virtually all of the opinions issued over the years by Justice Thomas this one is flawlessly logical, based on fact, law and history. Sadly that reality makes no difference.
    The left is TOTALLY immune to facts or reason. Remember……the left TRULY BELIEVES that you DO NOT have a right to own a firearm even though such items are SPECIFICALLY mentioned and protected by the Constitution AND even though the word Abortion appears NOWHERE in the Constitution it is an unassailable right that cannot be touched.

  2. The biggest issue with the entire goobermint today is they increasingly see the Founding Documents as merely a piece of paper. Interpreting it any what they see fit as long as they believe they can justify it to meet their political agenda. With rare exception the SCOTUS has followed along with this belief. Clarence Thomas has been one of the rare exceptions. Antonin Scalia was another one. It’s only going to get worse boys and girls. And then we will reach the point where nothing matters. Never, under any circumstances give them up. NEVER!

  3. The awesome just keeps coming, though you’d never know it from the crickets at the MSM.

    See: https://redstate.com/streiff/2022/06/30/supreme-court-vacates-large-capacity-magazine-and-assault-weapon-bans-in-a-preview-of-whats-coming-next-n586869

    “Another hammer blow came on Thursday. Orders issued by the Court vacated decisions by the Third, Fourth, and Ninth Circuits and returned them “for further consideration in light of New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. Bruen.”

    I am cautiously optimistic. This sequence of holdings from SCOTUS is probably the first serious and systematic attempt to dismantle the Post Constitutional Order since it was built by FDR to Wilson’s blueprints. As such, I expect a severe and desparate response from those whose power flows from unrestrained government. They might even go so far as to throw another world war as a distraction.

  4. It doesn’t matter the states are already trying to add more restrictions that “aren’t restrictions” that will end up in court where it will take years for them to be told NO!
    They are working on that old saw: How many divisions does the Pope have?

    1. Ironically In DE, we may end up with “shall issue” that in the short term is far more restrictive than the current “may issue” system

      If blue states are forced to abandon may issue they’re gonna throw up a ton of creative roadblocks and make us litigate it all

      1. We’ve seen this pattern before. 5th grade history books called it “reconstruction”.

  5. Thanks Kevin. Still so weird to me to have people address me as Stephen (even if it’s just FB)

    Here’s hoping Thomas gets to write a few more decisions like Bruen

  6. the biggest problem with the government today is that they see 2/3 of the country as the enemy

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