From the “Restoring Faith in Humanity” File

On my way home from work yesterday I was at the intersection that leads into my neighborhood waiting for the left-turn light to change to green, when I saw a young man riding his skateboard across the crosswalk. On that corner of the street was a small memorial for someone who apparently died in an accident there – white cross, flowers, etc.

The young man saw the memorial, stopped, stepped off his board, read the name on the cross, crossed himself, nodded his head at the memorial, climbed back on his board and rolled off.

I didn’t get a picture of him, but I did get a shot of the memorial:

4 thoughts on “From the “Restoring Faith in Humanity” File

  1. We see a lot of these in NJ especially on the more rural highways. And I have see a good number of people who slow down or pull over for a moment.

  2. I was hunting in the Sierrita Mountains near Lobo Peak which is SW of Tucson. There was a two track I followed that ended at a cross with a little alcove and a Virgin Mary. The name on the marker was Rivera. I paused for a little bit and said prayer. A family member had been lost recently so I said two. Fast forward a few weeks and I was at Pinto Valley Mine outside of Miami, Arizona. Manuel Rivera was the instrumentation manager there who I am sure you remember. I mentioned seeing the marker. Manny asked me how it looked. I let him know that someone had been caring for it as the grass was mown down in the area and it had recently been painted. Turns out it was a marker for his older brother who had a massive coronary while hunting in the area. Relatives in the area care for the marker. I have hunted the area a few times since then and always stop for a moment. Sure is a small world sometimes!

  3. Those always get my attention. 10 years as a volunteer fire/rescue, I saw way too many of the ‘precursors’ for them. May they all rest in peace.

  4. As a truck driver, I see a lot more of those than I want.

    I started having more sympathy for highway workers when I realized how many of those I saw adorned with reflective vests and hard hats.

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