They Just Keep Pushing

“I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end, we’re going to have a hung election and a civil war,” Bill Gates recently said in the keynote conversation at this year’s Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy.

Biden, in front of Independence Hall accused 74 million American citizens of being “semi-fascists” and called for unity.

FBI whistleblowers are coming out and saying that the Bureau is falsifying “extremism” charges against ordinary Americans. (We know they have no compunction about lying to FISA courts or to get into safety deposit boxes, protecting Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.)

The government is trying to get banks and credit card companies to stop providing services to licensed gun dealers. And, of course, they’re trying to ban “assault weapons” again.

I’ve got a couple of videos I’d like you to watch. One from about 1996 with Thomas Sowell, and one very recently with Victor Davis Hanson.

Thomas Sowell – “Vision of the Anointed: Self-congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.”

9 thoughts on “They Just Keep Pushing

  1. They are also once again trying to push for a “digital currency” and do away with cash entirely.

    Which means if the credit card companies won’t do business with gun dealers, you can’t buy a gun PERIOD. And it also means that every single transaction anyone makes is tracked.

    1. Dear GOF:

      Don’t worry about the digital “currency.” That and all the other plans of the globalists–without exception–rely 1000% on a *universal* and *unfailing* supply of electricity, which is something that we do not have and are not GOING to have.

      Moreover, we have known for years now that the power grid is indefensible by anybody and from anybody.

      Do you use a debit card? Stop doing that. Pay cash. That will slow them down. But, really, there isn’t going to be a digital “currency.” There’s just not enough electricity. And there isn’t going to be enough.

  2. @ Grumpy Old

    Re: “They are also once again trying to push for a “digital currency” and do away with cash entirely.”

    You’re on the right track. CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are being sold as a convenience or perhaps an efficiency, but the underlying motive is control and to eradicate the last vestiges remaining of economic privacy. The central bankers also do not like it that a few bucks here and there escape their grasp, so with CBDC, every transaction will have to flow through them, so they’ll get their cut every time.

    Digital currency is programmable. Meaning that the issuer can decide what it can be used to purchase, in what quantity, from whom, and in what amount and how often.
    If Joe Smith passes his allotment of beef purchases for the month and tries to buy a burger at the local burger place, his digital money is rejected. He’ll have to go down the street to the health food store and get tofu instead, or not eat at all.

    Digital currency is also a potent means of tracking and – if necessary – stamping out dissent. If you complain too-loudly or too-often about how things are in the new all-digital paradise our lords-and-masters are creating, access to credit will be restricted, or you won’t be able to get a mortgage or a car loan. And in extremis, if you are judged a really “bad” boy or girl, your digital account gets zeroed out entirely.

    Obviously, privacy – such as it is – will completely disappear from economic life that is conducted via digital currency. If you try to buy guns, booze, fast cars, anything the nanny-state doesn’t like, you simply won’t be able to get your digital money to work.

    While this forecast may be off in one or two small details, the essential points are on the mark. This is the future you can look forward to if you sign on to this dystopian nightmare.

    1. “…the issuer can decide what it can be used to purchase, in what quantity, from whom, and in what amount and how often.”

      Bingo. See Justin Castreau and the truckers’ protest in Canada several months back. Apparently having bouncy castles and barbecue* made them “domestic terrorists.”

      *To be fair, barbecue can be considered terrorism or not, depending on the sauce. A really good ghost pepper or Carolina Reaper sauce can easily be mistaken for an assassination attempt.

  3. And EVERYTHING the left is doing they do for one simple reason. BECAUSE THEY CAN. They suffer ZERO consequences for their illegal abusive misconduct. And unless/until that changes they have no reason to stop. TINVOWOOT.

  4. All of the Democrats are socialists. You have the faithful, so they promote their communist/fascist ideals through their legislation. The other part of them are criminals — but socialism enables the funding of their theft, so they vote for it. These two factions may have different reasons for their support of socialism but they all vote for it.

    The Right is divided. You have your neocons (Romney, for example) who certainly do not promote anything philosophically consistent and their vote is all over the place, often in support of socialist goals. You have the Republican thieves (McConnell, for example) who are in it to make money through their access to power. They, too, are political opportunists and, frequently, RINOs. You have “true” conservatives (Hawley, for example), who aren’t perfect but are as good as you’re going to get philosophically on the Right.

    But nobody on the Right acknowledges the truth: we’ve created a socialist state that exists right NOW and we CANNOT reform it. Even if we were united on political will — and the Right is NOT united on anything — we no longer have the mechanism by which to do so. For example, the Right deludes itself by thinking that they can actually reform public education. By “taking over” school boards? Really? Can they — through the power of school boards — crush the institutional and political might of the teachers’ unions and the public administrators’ unions? So they’re just going to fire them all — ALL of them and start anew? How? Blank out.

    But never, ever, will the Right give up on the idea that taxpayer funded public education is a public RIGHT anymore than they will buy the idea that state-funded pensions, state-run medicine or state control of the economy is a FOUNDATIONAL, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL proposition. In this respect, the problem is NOT the Left; they’re (now) at least honest about the fact that they want total control of everything and if you’re in the way, then they’ll eliminate you. No, the problem is with the Right; they still think that we can keep what we have now AND make it better within the SAME framework — “somehow”. Okay, well, HOW? When the Left controls virtually the entire governmental bureaucracy — federal, state and local — HOW do you reform a socialist state?

    Ain’t gonna happen. Sorry, but it ain’t.

    1. The above reminds me of one of my favorite Thomas Sowell quotes:

      “No matter how disastrously some policy has turned out, anyone who criticizes it can expect to hear: ‘But what would you replace it with?’ When you put out a fire, what do you replace it with?”

  5. I liked how both of them ‘commented’ on the moving goal posts! And yes, digital currency is yet another control measure.

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