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Q: Isn’t it a troubling sign that a thrice indicted former president is still popular amongst roughly half the U.S. population? How serious could the fallout be?

A: Serious. Because what it means is that confidence in the justice system specifically and the government in general is zilch.

Once government has lost legitimacy, bad things are bound to happen.

Something I stumbled across in the archives of this blog from 2013:

“We should expect many years of political turmoil, peaking in the 2020s. And because complex societies are much more fragile than we assume, there is a chance of a catastrophic failure of some kind, with a default on U.S. government bonds being among the less frightening possibilities.”

3 thoughts on “From Quora:

  1. Isn’t it a troubling sign that one political paty consistently engages in lawfare, rather than making even an attempt at debating the issues? And that approximately half of the US population seems to be at least okay with this, if not actively praising it?

    Don’t take my word for it, ask Sarah Palin.

  2. Just like the advent of distributed information, brought on by the internet and ubiquitous electronic devices for recording and transmitting news without gatekeepers, which flummoxed political elites who could no longer control what they wanted the proles to believe, the irrelevance of the corporate media to people’s opinions has not yet sunk in. The ruling class still believes that Americans will swallow whatever horse hockey is dished out by CNN and WaPo about Trump, Biden, and others.

  3. Consider the situation you’re describing, Kevin, and cross it with a healthy dose of Marvin Heemeyer.

    It’s stuff like that which could light the fuse, so to speak.

    Interesting times.

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