She Said it….

I haven’t seen anyone comment on this. Thursday night right after the “debate,” the televised mental institution that is MSNBC had a panel discussion about it. Joy Reid, perhaps one of the most Leftist of all of media said this:

President Biden had one job tonight. And it was… one primary job, and yes it was to litigate Donald Trump’s criminality and all of those things, but he had to settle his own party. He needed to settle Democrats. Democrats you know, they aways talk about “Democrats are bedwetters, and Democrats are always panicking.” YES, Democrats are always panicking, they’re always scared. They’re always thinking they’re going to lose. Democrats are always pessimistic, they’re neurotic.

Neurotic – a tendency toward anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and other negative feelings. Always scared, always panicking. Bedwetters. Who believe only they should run the country.

Had someone on the Right said this, they would have been shouted down by all “left-thinking” people as being,

A) Wrong
B) Insensitive to the mentally ill
C) Beyond the pale
D) Insert yours here.

But Joy Reid said this on television, as a member of a five-person panel that included Rachel Maddow, and no one called her on it. No one so much as suggested she was wrong. It was accepted common knowledge.

Now you understand the constant accusations of Republicans being Nazis, of wanting to “destroy our Democracy,” of wanting to become dictators, of wanting to enslave women and re-enslave blacks, etc, etc, etc.

They’re NUTS. And they know they’re nuts. They drove themselves there. ETA: In addition to being neurotic, they’re the most paranoid population on the planet. (End edit.) They say they are the “Reality-based” party. They wouldn’t know reality if it bit them on the ass. After all, it did Thursday night, and lots and lots of them are now saying it never happened, or if it did, it wasn’t important.

Honestly, it probably wasn’t important:

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