I Think I’LL Vote for Kucinich in the Primary, Too.

I am, after all, registered as a Democrat in Arizona.

ISN’Tapundit has an outstanding fisking of a recent Salon.com column on the “Take Back America” conference. Apparently Dipnut actually paid for the Salon.com “premium” (and I use that term tongue-in-cheek) service so he had access to the entire piece. I don’t, so I won’t link to it here. The link is available on Isntapundit, if you too help support that…site.

Carol Moseley Braun is a taco short of a combination plate, but Kucinich actually has a following, according to this piece. Nowhere has the term “barking moonbat” been more apt.

Bush v. Moonbat Kucinich? Bring it on! (Perhaps Dennis can pick Carol as his running-mate. That would be too perfect.)

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