Somebody ALWAYS Beats Me to It.

Publicola dissects an op-ed in the Denver Post by the ironically named Tom Mauser (permalinks bloggered, the post is June 11, 10:02PM). Mr. Mauser lost his son at Columbine, so his bias is at least understandable, but he’s disconnected from reality here. I suppose losing a son explains that, but I don’t forgive him for it.

Anyway, Publicola does a good job dismantling his arguments against the lawsuit protection legislation. Excerpt:

“Imagine a world in which one of its most dangerous products is exempt from consumer-protection laws. Imagine a world in which the makers and sellers of that product are immune from civil lawsuits related to that product.
The first scenario is already the case; the second is close to happening, right here in America.”

Translation: We’re not going to be dealing with much factual information, so let’s try to get used to the make believe world I’m about to describe to you.

Go read.

Oh, and read the post right below that one too. Excellent!

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