Interesting How Little Media Attention THIS Gets, Isn’t It?

Seen on several blogs, comes this bit of news: Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski, New ‘No License Required’ CCW Law, and No permit needed to carry concealed guns.

It seems that we now have two states that have no requirement for a permit to carry concealed.

Did NBC, CBS, or ABC cover it? CNN? MSNBC? Fox News? The Yahoo! Gun Control Page?


Just one little Associated Press story in the Anchorage Daily News, and coverage on the gun rights forums and on gun bloggers pages.

Interesting, no? Minnesota just goes through histrionics to pass permitted concealed carry, and it’s NATIONAL NEWS! Colorado makes gun regulation unform across the state, and it’s covered everywhere! But Alaska passes “Vermont Carry” and *YAWN*. Damn, isn’t anyone outraged? Even JoinTogether hasn’t had anything to say on this – yet.

Perhaps they’re hoping none of us in the flyover states will notice.

Oh, and doesn’t Minnesota make it 35 states with either no permit required or “shall-issue” concealed-carry?

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