Sometimes Summary Execution IS Called For

And, once again, Child Abductive Services screws the pooch:

Police find emaciated boy, 7, locked in closet; parents held

PHOENIX – A 7-year-old boy was found bruised and emaciated locked in a closet at a Phoenix home, police said.

Police went to the home Sunday when Isaac Loubriel’s grandmother called saying she was worried she hadn’t seen the boy for several months, said Phoenix police Detective Tony Morales. She also told police her grandson looked malnourished when she last saw him.

When police went to the home, Isaac’s parents – Melanie Loubriel, 28, and Ricardo Loubriel, 39 – were evasive when asked about the boy, Morales said yesterday.
Police then noticed a closet locked from the outside, with a bed pushed against it. They heard noises inside and found the boy in the closet. Isaac weighed just 36 pounds.

His parents told police they had been locking Isaac in the closet since the beginning of the year to discipline him. Morales said they also admitted they sometimes didn’t feed the boy for up to a week at a time.

Four of the couple’s six children lived in the home, but only Isaac was injured. He and three of his siblings were in the custody of Child Protective Services yesterday. Two of the couple’s children live with their grandmother.

Melanie and Ricardo Loubriel were booked in Maricopa County jail on child abuse charges.

Bail was set at $500,000.

The couple declined an interview request.

Oh, but that’s not the best of it!

CPS boss ‘reeling’ over case of boy kept in closet He’d better be reeling. His head ought to be rolling:

Child Protective Services could have done more in the case of a 7-year-old Phoenix boy found Sunday locked in a dark closet and severely malnourished, Department of Economic Security acting Director Bill Bell said Wednesday.

“I believe we have some significant issues to deal with here,” Bell said after an initial review of Isaac Loubriel’s case. “I’m quite concerned about what seems to be surfacing with our involvement here.”

Oh, really? Some “significant issues,” eh? You don’t say?

Former neighbors and friends of the Phoenix family said they had called CPS over the past several years to report abuse, but nothing was ever done. Isaac was found Sunday at his family’s north Phoenix apartment after his grandmother asked police to check on him because she hadn’t seen him in months.

He weighed just 36 pounds when police pulled him from the locked, filthy closet. His parents were arrested, and his four siblings, all under age 8, were placed in CPS care.

Where they’ll probably end up in the “care” of child molesters.

AAAAAAGGGHHHH! This shit pisses me off! It seems in the actual occasions that removal of children from abusive households should occur, these incompetent assnuggets don’t do anything at all

And the title of this post? I’d have given the cops a medal if they’d capped the so-called “parents” immediately after finding the boy.

No trial was necessary here.

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