Reloader’s Alert!

If you reload, especially if you reload military rifle calibers (.223, .308, .30-06 & such) then you might want to look at Widener’s, specifically their military surplus pulldown powder. “Pulldown” powder is powder recovered from unfired surplus ammunition. They are apparently having a sale on WCC-844 (equivalent to Hodgdon H335) and WC-846 (equivalent to Hodgdon BL(C)-2). They’re selling both for $49 per 8lb. keg, plus freight and hazmat charges. I just bought one of each, and it worked out to $8.25/lb. Considerably better than the $20/lb. plus tax that I pay for the commercial versions here in town. I’ve seen the same powder elsewhere at $64 per 8lb. keg.

Oh, and that nice group I shot with the Enfield? The powder was WCC-844.

Get it while you can.

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